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I wanted to see if this was an actual real thing that had happened, because, you know, we’ve had all-glass skyscrapers for ages, and I’ve never heard of this happening before.

It is. Of course the problem isn’t the building’s glass exterior. It’s that it’s curved:

Which is incredible because anyone with a rudimentary grasp of physics could have told them that this would happen:

So in addition to being heavy-handed satire about first world excess, it’s also a pretty on-point reminder of another way we’re going wrong: resurgent anti-intellectualism means that fewer and fewer people are consulting with or listening to scientists.

Anyway, back to your joke.

Man, there was some architect who did this in the Sunbelt in the US, and before they built it, everyone was like “No, bro.  You can’t do this.  There’s gonna come a time of day when the focus is going to be enough for shit in the Cone of Death to literally spontaneously combust.”

So long story short, the compromise was the Architect McDude compromised his artist vision just enough so that the Cone of Death became the Cone of Great Discomfort, and the patch of sidewalk and street affected by it shoots from like 90 to 130 for something like fifteen, twenty feet at the wrong time of day.

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